From concept
to company

We help founders to build their products fast


Our team will help to validate any ambitious startups as fast as possible


Our experienced engineers can help you to turn your product into fully functioning and scalable MVP within weeks; instead of months.


Having vast experiences, our front-end and back-end engineers can give timely and fast delivery of the product, implementing brand-new solutions in various stacks.


We can build a team and the right culture for engineers to take the product to new heights.

Our mission

We help founders to turn their passion project into a profitable business

Our mission at Producement is to build successful startups while being their shareholders. We build both teams and products. We invest in startups through sweat equity, so it’s our goal to get the startups independent of us as soon as possible. This also means that we help to build and hire in-house teams including CTOs.

We work as a regular startup employee — take as little cash to pay out our salaries and invest the potential profit into a startup as sweat equity. In order to have a successful startup portfolio, we have to optimize the success of our startups.

This has allowed us to get access to a kind of deal flow that most VC funds can only dream of — we get the best founders very early

Our Startups

Some great ideas we turned into real companies

The 5-Step Plan

How working with us looks like


Initial vetting calls

  • Is your team coachable?
  • Are you capable of remote work?
  • Is your product concept validated?
  • What will be the split of cash/equity?


Understanding the problem

  • User testing prototypes and the product
  • Building the product (Build-Measure-Learn cycle)
  • Starting a planning cycle (weekly, monthly/quarterly)
  • Hiring a team (if necessary)


Building and interating the MVP

  • User testing prototypes and the product
  • Building the product (Build-Measure-Learn cycle)
  • Starting a planning cycle (weekly/monthly/quarterly)
  • Hiring a team (if necessary)


Hiring and building the team

  • Hiring a CTO (if needed)
  • Hiring top product engineering talent
  • The goal is to make sure the startup becomes independent
  • Making sure the team works as a cross-functional, customer-centric, autonomous product team


The Startup is independent

  • Producement will be available for backup, but the startup should have tech and product capabilities to proceed independently

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