Customer-centric product engineering.
The best products result from understanding the needs of the people who will use them.

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Who We Are

We're a team of Software Engineers who talk to customers in order to build the best product. We do this by constant user testing sessions, rapid prototyping and ruthless prioritization of tasks.


Building the Right Product

We need 2 things to build the right product:

Direct contact with customers - In order for the iterative process to provide the highest amount of value it relies on the end user for the source of learning. We conduct customer interviews and user tests to make sure the product achieves its highest potential.

A domain expert - To make sure the team performs well, we need to be able to solve domain related questions without a hold up. Preferably, we would be in the same office with that person and have face to face communication with the whole team.

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Preferred Tech-Stack


Spring Boot and the Netflix stack for microservices.

React and Redux

By default, clients would be engineered using React and Redux.


We've used Ethereum and Solidity for blockchain and smart contracts implementations.

Made with Love

You have to build your products with love these days!

“Erko and Jordan didn't ask what's the tech-stack when they responded to the Tuleva sprint ad. They immersed themselves in the mission of Tuleva, helped to ruthlessly prioritize tasks and only then went on to build the web application. Thanks to them, Tuleva now not only has working software but also a system to prioritize tasks and plan work.”

- Tõnu Pekk, Tuleva

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