About Us

We enjoy a good challenge with great partners

Producement is a startup product engineering company founded in 2017 by three ex-Transferwise engineers.

We offer a range of services and solutions for startup product engineering starting from consulting and designing, to development and deployment.

We are a team of experts with deep investment, product development experience ready to support you in validating your product. We helped a number of founders to turn their ideas to multi-million dollar startups. Our mission is to help startups to validate their ambitious ideas.

Our Team

Meet our founders

Erko Risthein


With more than 13 years of experience in software development and engineering, Erko has a strong command of numerous programming languages, expertise in finance, the skills for leading high performing engineering teams, and a thirst for building disruptive fintech products.

Jordan Valdma


Jordan is an experienced fintech focused engineer with a strong business background. He has contributed to several startups as a CTO, and recruited and coached hundreds of engineers. Additionally, Jordan is a sought after public speaker, a technical startup mentor and angel investor.

Maido Käära


Maido is a true software development powerhouse who can make the wildest of product ideas come to life in well written code. A man of few words, he lets the quality of his work speak for itself.


See why our partners love us

Producement's unique strength lies in their founder-mentality. To have such experienced founders as Jordan, Erko and Maido on your team and sharing your mission is an exclusive opportunity. It's clear that you can't service tens and tens of startups that way. Your validation threshold is very high.

Taavi Tamkivi CEO of Salv

Erko and Jordan didn't ask what's the tech-stack when they responded to the Tuleva sprint ad. They immersed themselves in the mission of Tuleva, helped to ruthlessly prioritize tasks and only then went on to build the web application. Thanks to them, Tuleva now not only has a working software but also a system to prioritize tasks and plan work.

Tõnu Pekk Board member of Tuleva

Got the job done!

Victor Trokoudes CEO of Plum Fintech

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