Why work for one startup if you can be a part of building many startups?


Work in Producement is ideal for the ambitious and independent engineer.

No PMs, no legacy code, no specs that define you. Take on exciting projects, define the groundbreaking products with the client, and see your work in the hands of the end users.

Our team is always welcoming experienced engineers from around the world so if you dont’t find an open position on this page that suits you, do drop us an email at [email protected]

Join our remote but tight-knit team of 20+ experienced engineers in the impactful work of building groundbreaking products.

What’s in it for you:

  • Develop your technical skill set with a great tech stack
  • Get to work on new products every 3-6 months and build MVPs from scratch 
  • Work directly with the founding members of the startups and experience the highs and lows together with the team (we work as tight-knit teams with the startups we invest in and build products for)
  • Invest into startups through your contribution 
  • Knowledge sharing sessions with the team on technical and non-technical topics like health & fitness, beer brewing at home, investing and much more


Ideally, you should have: 

  • A strong product development mindset
  • A passion for startups and lean startup methodology (if you haven’t read the book, do it!)
  • Data-driven mindset 
  • Ability to set goals and targets and crush them
  • Ability to present your ideas to relevant stakeholders 
  • Great communications skills and the ability to carry out customer interviews
  • An analytical, yet creative, approach to problem solving
  • Ability to work as a team player and deliver results in a remote cross-functional and cross-cultural working environment
  • Fluent English is a must


About our work culture: 

  • We follow-up lean startup methodology 
  • Development by agile iterations 
  • Continuous integrations and deployments (daily releases)
  • Test driven development and 80%+ code coverage 
  • Pair programming on complex tasks

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Careers FAQ​

Frequently asked question

Although the founding team is based in Tallinn, Estonia, Producement is a fully remote workplace with diverse people all around the world. You can work from anywhere with stable internet connection.

We have no PMs, no legacy code, no specs that define you. We work in customer-focused agile teams to develop a product vision and implement it through lean iteration. We work closely with early stage startups by providing them MVP/CTO as a service for cash and equity. User testing, DevOps, validating hypotheses, establishing metrics and product work goes hand-in-hand with how we work, in addition we can also help with coaching, mentoring and hiring the engineering teams.

There’s a lot of flexibility around your working hours, however we do expect you to have some overlapping working hours with the rest of the team. We do daily stand-ups, weekly sprints and knowledge sharing sessions, also monthly retros to keep you connected with the rest of the team. We use Mattermost as an internal communication tool.

Java. Spring Framework. Spring Boot. React/Redux. Kotlin. Flutter. More info about our technical skill set here

We mainly build fintech solutions to different start-ups. We have helped to build products like Salv (anti-money laundering startup that raised $2 million seed round last year), Pactum (AI tool for commercial negotiations), Plum Fintech, Tuleva, Sunly and others.

Here are some of the projects we’ve worked on: Our portfolio

Nope. We don’t outsource engineers to other companies, we build products together with our customers. From scratch. We also talk to our customers in order to build the best products for them.

Although we can’t offer you a cool office and a physical team around you, we do fully support learning and development. That’s why we have weekly knowledge sharing sessions. We also try to meet up at least a few times a year at different locations. 

Want to know more? Email us at:

[email protected]