Smart aml platform to beat crime

For Salv, we built a fraud prevention and monitoring engine with a fraud agent toolbox and UI.

In addition, we worked on the AML engine for doing scoring based on various rules, and set up an AML agent toolbox and UI for team management and workflows.

negotiations with Ai

Pactum is an AI-based platform that helps companies to automate personalized commercial negotiations.

Pactum’s augmented artificial intelligence system enables partners to negotiate more valuable contracts for all parties while reducing costs for customers.

The road to
becoming wise for africa

PayQin is an online payment solution for unbanked people in emerging countries.

It’s an electronic wallet with a built-in virtual MasterCard debit card. Only 15% of people in these countries have a bank account. In particular, it focuses on the African middle class who regularly use mobile money for local purchases but can’t buy online.

Where brands and
creators meet

With customer feedback and learnings, we built Promoty 2.0 to scale in terms of features, regions and platforms. We now have a new version of the product with mobile apps and a fresh web UI, on a scalable stack.

P2P money transfer service

For TransferWise, we build B2B APIs for business customers and banks, optimized conversion flow, and build API Gateways.

We delivered integrations with businesses, customers and banks, and set up microservice architecture as well as currency routes and banking integrations.

The ultimate money management app

For Plum, we worked on the general ledger, including double-entry bookkeeping and T-accounts; set up external bank integration; and build solutions for deposits, withdrawals and interest calculations.

Passive investment fund

For Tuleva, we acted as the core product engineering team, building up an information system, doing extensive user testing, and developing solutions for Estonian e-identity verification and KYC.

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