We work lean

We help founders to properly determine their needs, make a strategy plan and effectively implement scalable products

We offer a comprehensive range of scalable product development services, merging cutting-edge technologies with the latest trends we build responsive, functional and user-friendly products through customer-centric engineering. Producement facilitates flexible cash & equity model for startups, building products from fintech to adtech and renewable energy at a lower cost and faster speed, without comprising the quality.


What we offer


Our experienced engineers can help you to turn your product into fully functioning and scalable MVP within weeks; instead of months.


Having vast experiences, our front-end and back-end engineers can give timely and fast delivery of the product, implementing brand-new solutions in various stacks.


We can build a team and the right culture for engineers to take the product to new heights.


Our technical skillset


  • Languages

    Java, Kotlin, JavaScript, TypeScript, Dart, Solidity

  • Frameworks

    React-Redux, Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Vaadin, OpenAPI, Flutter

  • Databases & Data Science

    PostgreSQL, Oracle, H2, Superset, Retool, Metabase, Blockchain, Data science tools


  • Testing

    TDD, JUnit, Spock, Jest, React Testing Library, Sonarqube

  • Tooling

    Gradle, Maven, Docker, GitLab CI, Circle CI

  • Monitoring

    OpsGenie, NewRelic, Sentry, Papertrail, CloudWatch


  • Infrastructure

    Amazon Web Services, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, SpringCloud, Hazelcast, Cloudflare

  • Platforms

    Linux, MacOS, Windows

  • Messaging

    RabbitMQ, Kafka, SQS

How We Work Together

We will team up with you to build the right product the right way

1. Starting our partnership

We will set up calls and together we will identify the goals of our partnership covering every step of the way: strategy, product design, team, product concept, customer development.

3. Building your team

We will hire and build a dedicated team of ambitious and skillful engineers, driven by goal to make your startup independent.

2. Building your product

Our tech team will develop the first version of your product with user-centered design principles. We will validate your product by organizing usability tests after each iteration.

4. Your startup is independent

Your startup will become independent. Our expert team will always be available to support whenever you need.

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