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Remote working culture in Producement

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Our team has been working remotely ever since we were founded back in 2017. And still, we are operating on a remote basis with over 25 team members coming from different parts of the world. In this blog post, we will discuss why remote work is the best option for us as a company. 

Why did we choose to work remotely?

In the early days, when Producement was founded, we decided that we want to be a fully remote team. One of the main motivations for this was – hiring great engineers. It’s very hard to attract good engineers in Tallinn, Estonia since they’re already employed by big startups or even unicorns, and it’s difficult to motivate them to switch jobs. Moreover, as a good Product Engineer, you never have to search for jobs because you get interesting offers daily. Great talents are scattered all over the world and the only way to attract them is to have a fully remote company. Another reason is that we are more liberal in terms of our working style, we don’t like controlling people, we believe that the more freedom we give to the teams, the more impact the teams have.

So what’s the remote working culture like in Producement?

As we’ve partly mentioned previously, we have 2 main principles at the workplace:

  1. We don’t track people
  2. We expect teams to be independent 

We don’t manage, lead or control the process of work done by team members. We give full freedom to build the product and take ownership. Every startup we build is led by our Product Engineers and they consider it as their startup too. The core point is that you shouldn’t hire people you don’t trust. When you trust your team, people feel more valued, which will make them feel more engaged in their work and it increases their productivity.

In Producement we love open communication and supporting each other. Whenever someone is stuck somewhere, needs help or advice, it’s highly encouraged to approach the team, book a slot on the calendar and have a quick chat. 

How does the team stay focused on work while being remote?

Most of us had experience working in the office before, and we all remember how hard it was to get things done while having too many interruptions. Because for some people it was easy to fall into the habit of bothering anyone for anything at any time, with no regard for personal productivity. This is a key reason so many people get so little done in traditional office setups. 

At the same time, we understand that sometimes it might be challenging to stay focused on work while working from home because of many distracting factors like family members or kids, your bed calling to chill in, noise, household duties, etc. One of our product engineers has written a blog post where he shares tips for working remotely based on his working from home experience. Working remotely gives our team flexibility in planning their daily activities which increases the level of happiness by taking short walks, doing sport, and eating healthier than being stuck in the office from 9 to 5. 

In the end, we believe that working remotely boosts our productivity and makes us happier with a well-organized lifestyle. Btw, we are currently hiring Full-Stack Engineers for upcoming new startups in Producement. If you’re excited about building products that customers love, we’re waiting for you in our team. You can apply through this link, no CV needed 😉