How to validate your startup value proposition without building

Photo by Leon on Unsplash The first thing you should understand is - if this problem exists for people. Validating the problem is often called customer discovery. Product validation is an essential first step for building any new product or business. It shows if the market really needs your product.…

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Skin in the Technology Game

This article was published here Have you ever built a product without sufficient market validation? The result is usually wasted resources and more importantly — a wasted opportunity to build something actually useful. This problem can be summarized with 2 characteristics of a product team. Product team lack of skill…

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Product Iterations Kick-off

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This post is about how we usually kick off feedback cycles with iterations on a product. After some customer development the team should have a few hypotheses about the value proposition of the product. The next logical step is to approve/disapprove some of those hypotheses, starting with the fundamentals: Are…

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